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Simplify Impact reporting

Our online dashboards enable development organisations to track project KPIs across multiple LogFrames in near real-time, helping them spend more of their time in communities achieving impact

measure and report project kpi


Collect data online and offline with our survey forms

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Create a monitoring framework to start measuring your indicators

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Generate notebooks using our reporting templates to visually tell the story of your project

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Data Collection


Collect data and conduct surveys with our data collection tools. This data automatically flows onto an online workspace where it can be managed and analyzed in near real time, without the hassle of switching between several software tools

secure data collection

mobile survey

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Monitoring Framework


Track the impact of your projects using a theory of change or logframe. Add your indicators, outcomes, outputs and set your baseline and targets. Your data is safe on the cloud and well organised

Multiple Monitoring Frameworks

Indicator Tracker Table

Target versus Actual

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Generate reports for your project based off your templates or using the intuitive notebook to add your outcomes, visualizations, images and content into an easy to read and preview format for your stakeholders

Reporting Templates

Team Collaboration

Realtime Shareable Notebook Links

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