Automate the way you collect data, analyze it and create reports for your stakeholders

Our online dashboards enable development organizations to track project KPIs across multiple LogFrames in near real-time; helping them spend more of their time in communities achieving impact.

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Forms & Data Collection

Collect data using mobile phones with our Surveys and Forms. This data automatically flows onto and online workspace where it can be cleaned, managed and analysed in near-real-time, without the hassle of switching between several software tools.

Core benefits

Collect your data and manage it on one platform
Generate reports in near-real time by comparing collected data in a results framework
Collaborate with data collection teams across various regions
Reduce the amount of time spent on several spreadsheets
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Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

Upload all your indicators for each of your projects and create a Monitoring & Evaluation Framework on the KPI Lens platform. As soon as data is collected, it will be compared with the indicators, allowing you to assess the performance of your project in near real-time

Core benefits

Know how each of your indicators is performing across several projects in near-real-time
Collaborate with your stakeholders to make any needed changes to project indicators
Capture, manage and analyze your data on one platform
Receive notification when milestone is achieved
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Our Notebooks allow you to easily build and share reports with multiple stakeholders across all your projects. With Notebooks, reports are a simple drag and drop process, made up of various dashboards, text and images; to tell a visually compelling story of the impact you’re creating in communities.

Core benefits

Reduce the hours spent on PowerPoint slides
Standardize your M&E reports across multiple projects in your portfolio.
Build visually appealing reports for your donors and raise additional funding to scale up your impact.
Capture your learnings and share them with stakeholders in near-real time.
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How it works



Use the KPI Lens Platform to create surveys and forms for data collection. Send these surveys via mobile devices into the community to collect the data.



Receive the collected data in real-time on a workspace where it can be cleaned, managed, and analysed without switching to other tools.



Create the reports you need for different stakeholders by generating the dashboards of required indicators and adding text to capture your learnings and images to tell a visual story. Share the online links for stakeholders to view the reports or download them in the format you choose.

Choose the plan that's right for you organization

Select a pricing plan that suits you

M&E Consultant Pack

Best suited for an M&E consultant with a private practice

$99.99/per mo.
Up to 5 surveys per month distributed to an unlimited number of participants
Up to 2 Projects within a workspace
1 Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks
1 Team member

Enterprise Pack

Best suited for Corporate Foundations / NGOs with multiple projects and multiple Implementing Partners

$/per mo.
Unlimited surveys per month distributed to an unlimited number of participants
Unlimited number of projects
Unlimited number of Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks per project
Unlimited Team Members and Implementing Partners

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